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About SAID

Society for Agriculture Innovation and Development (SAID) Ranchi is a registered Society under Society Registration Act XXI, 1860 of Government of India during 2017 with its Registration No. 800 on dated 2nd February, 2017.

Objective of the society is to cater services to rural, tribal and downtrodden people. Prepare the younger generation to become worthy citizens of our Country.

Quality food security is still a big issue in the Country which leads the health problem.

Society (SAID) work for the food security, sustainable agriculture and good health through meeting, conferences, print media, research publications and awards

Budget: Society has not demanded any fund from central or any state Government till date. Members of the society are smoothly running the society for the development of animal & human beings and social welfare.

Within a very short period of time, we collaborated with several national and International Institutions/Universities/Societies.

Till date, Society has organized 3 International and 1 national conference in Thailand, Nepal and India, respectively. In our conferences, we have invited experts from Philippines, Thailand, Mauritius, Nepal, Malaysia, Isaurinda (Cape Verde), Turkey, Brazil, Cameroon etc. on the society cost for the benefit of delegates.

Feel free for any query to our society email:

Our hands are open for the welfare of animals & human beings living on the earth.

So, come together and think, plan and do something better for the quality food and good health of people.

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